jumping Pillow

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper


the safest Playground Jumping product on the market!

About our prices

The Pricing Process:
With so many options, displaying a price can easily be misleading. We really need specifics about your project such as: Is it a new or replacement Jumper? Will the new or replacement be a sand or no-sand jumper? Will it be a turnkey price or perhaps a DIY? Etc. etc. That is why all projects are quoted so we’re dealing with actuals rather than roughly!

What we can promise is that our price to you will be ultra-competitive and more likely be far more economical than any competitor. The product will already be the best available in the world (guaranteed) and we want your business!

Terms - Upon the signing of our Purchase Agreement
A ‘Stock Canvas’ shipped immediately – Full payment upfront!
A new Kangaroo Jumper manufactured to your specific requirements – Half payment upfront and the balance received at time of shipping. (All payments via wire transfer)

Installation Costs
If applicable, installation costs are payable prior to installation.

Available Colours

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Canvas UV Degradation – A full 5 year UNCONDITIONAL in most areas of Australia. Since 2013 we have had one warrantee claim.
Installation Warranty – 1 year (any problem associated with the installation will manifest within the first few weeks). Since 2013 we have never had a warrantee claim.
Motor/Blower Warrantee – 1 year. Our motor blower units last for many years and after 2500+ installations we have never had a warrantee claim.

If you have any other questions of a technical nature please contact Gary Wakerley directly. gary@jumpingpillows.com or gary@kangaroojumper.com.au

With 20 years' experience and over 2500 installations worldwide we are positioned to serve you well. We absolutely stand by our products and in doing so we offer the very best prices, options, warranty and unsurpassed experience and knowledge of the business sectors we serve.. Guaranteed!

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sales@kangaroojumper.com.au or Phone Phone Gary Wakerley (+61) 07 3497 5024