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Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

The No-Sand Kangaroo Jumper

Why No-Sand?

Firstly, it looks really great! But, that’s only the by-product of this safety innovation. Hard data tells us that a whopping 82% of injury that takes place on a Jumping Pillow type product is caused by an exposed hard edge. Maintaining a safe depth of sand can be time consuming and often this maintenance is not given priority by ground staff. The No-Sand Kangaroo Jumper option eliminates the need for sand depth maintenance by providing a permanent soft cover over it, thereby drastically reducing playground injury, both minor and serious.

What are the other advantages?

With the No-Sand Jumper it becomes easy to clear off debris from surrounding trees and unwanted wind deposited objects, simply use a leaf blower! In cases where sand is being transferred from the jumper into the swimming pool or splash pad and clogging up filters, this problem is completely eliminated. At least once per year it is necessary to replenish sand around the jumper as it can get washed away, blown away and carried away on feet and legs. The No-Sand option also eliminates this cost.

How does it work?

The product used for the surround and hard-edge covering is ‘Carpeted Crosslinked Foam’, the carpet side is an acrylic loop similar to that of Marine Carpet and Velcro sticks to it solidly! During manufacture, a flap is welded onto the jumper all the way around the perimeter. The flap has industrial Velcro on the underside. The carpeted foam lays on the ground, goes up over the hard edge and under the flap. The flap is pulled down tightly to secure the carpeted foam making one smooth surface from the jumper, across the flap and out to the extent of the walkway.

Is there Extra Cost?

Yes! There is extra manufacturing cost (the flap) and then there is the cost of the Carpeted Foam. Ultimately, these extra costs are negated over time, initially by not having to buy anywhere near as much sand at installation. By not having to build a sand retaining box around the jumper. No sand maintenance cost for the life of the product (6-10 years) and no sand replenishment costs during that time either. But, the most important of all is ‘Saving Injury’.

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