Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

About PlaySafe Products Pty. Ltd.

The Story - Gary Wakerley

Gary has been involved in the Caravan Park industry across several platforms for 28 years. In 2005 he launched the Jumping Pillow product in the USA, Canada and South America. Along the way he gained exposure and developed expertise in other major sectors such as Farm-Tourism, the Resort Industry and the Indoor Family Entertainment sector.

It only took a few years before major aspects of the product surfaced as less than ideal, and he set about engineering changes to affect the life of the product and the safety of the product. The implementation of those changes proved difficult and were all rejected by the owners of the Jumping Pillow brand. In 2010 he discarded the Jumping Pillow brand and launched the Kangaroo Jumper brand incorporating ALL of the longevity and safety improvements into the new product. The Kangaroo Jumper quickly became and still is the market leader throughout the America’s.

In 2015 he appointed an Australian distributor for the product, the distributor and subsequent distributors failed to uphold the Integrity of the brand and in 2018 he sold the American company in order to personally take the reins of the Australian distribution. The timing was not kind as Covid followed by Bush Fires followed by Floods impeded progress into the Australian market. With all of that behind us we’re now making strides across Australia in getting the message out. That message is quite simple – The Kangaroo Jumper is the safest playground jumping product on the market ‘period’.

The Company - We're unashamedly Old School!

It has never been about maximizing profit! It’s about being fair and reasonable and doing everything possible to produce a product that we can be proud of. Your success with our product is ‘our success’.

We have backed up an exceptional product with an Australian team to serve you well, very capable office and administration together with installation teams located in Victoria (also servicing SA and WA) , Tasmania, Central NSW, NT and Queensland.

Every client speaks directly with the owner of the company – Gary Wakerley. Every project is scrutinized and planned by him with product suitability, maximum comfort and safety and people movement in mind. The owner of PlaySafe Products Pty. Ltd. Is unquestionably the most experienced and qualified person in the world to advise you on Playground Jumping Products and their installation.

PlaySafe Products Pty. Ltd. Is a place where Honesty and Integrity actually mean something – it’s where we hang our hat!

If you have any other questions of a technical nature please contact Gary Wakerley directly. gary@jumpingpillows.com or gary@kangaroojumper.com.au

With 20 years' experience and over 2500 installations worldwide we are positioned to serve you well. We absolutely stand by our products and in doing so we offer the very best prices, options, warranty and unsurpassed experience and knowledge of the business sectors we serve.. Guaranteed!

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sales@kangaroojumper.com.au or Phone Gary Wakerley (+61) 07 3497 5024