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Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper

Pillow Shaped Jumper


Over 2500 Installations and the Kangaroo Jumper has never
been the subject of an injury lawsuit

There are 3 elements to preventing injury:

1. The product must be designed with safety at the forefront. The person designing MUST have an intricate knowledge of how injuries can occur and an intricate knowledge of the industry the product will serve.
2. The likelihood of users reading Rules, Regulations and Warning signs must be maximized.
3. The Owners Management of the equipment must be diligent!

82% of Injury is caused by an exposed Hard Edge:

A major contributor to this statistic is the height that users are jumping from to dismount the jumper. The greater the height of the jumper, the greater the impact when landing on the hard edge. The installation method of the Kangaroo Jumper has been designed to produce a ‘Low Level’ jumper. This lower level drastically reduces the force of impact when landing.

The low level aspect of our product has no adverse effect on the jumping action and the lower design means that the jumper can accommodate more jumpers safely.

Our Signage:

Our 'Jumping Rules' and 'Warning' signs (600mm x 900mm) are worded succinctly and our signage is 3 times the size of our competitors. Our signs are hard to miss and when quized, parents of the participants usually say they have read them and instruct their children accordingly. This fact is also responsible for a heightened sence of policing by those watching the jumpers.

The on-site Management of the Kangaroo Jumper

We are flat out ‘forward’ when it comes to this aspect of safety! Our Purchase Agreement pays a lot of attention to the Management responsibilities and those responsible put their signature to that guarantee of fulfillment.

Nobody wants to be the first to break our perfect record and that is probably a factor in taking pride in helping us maintain it. Our clients worldwide have been great at implementing rules and educating staff on this important aspect of safety.

The Australian Scene:

The Kangaroo Jumper has an exemplary track record throughout Australia having recorded no Insurance liability claims during its history and that is in line with the rest of the world! Those who have switched to the Kangaroo Jumper have reported drastic reductions or no incidences of injury. The owner of the product has taken control of production procedure and product standards, and this has ensured that our product will maintain the ‘Safe Product’ recognition it deserves.

If you have any other questions of a technical nature please contact Gary Wakerley directly. gary@jumpingpillows.com or gary@kangaroojumper.com.au

With 20 years' experience and over 2500 installations worldwide we are positioned to serve you well. We absolutely stand by our products and in doing so we offer the very best prices, options, warranty and unsurpassed experience and knowledge of the business sectors we serve.. Guaranteed!

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Pillow Shaped Jumper